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We develop innovative health care pathways to improve care processes within the mental health care. Our aim is to develop valid, affordable and evidence-based mental health care programmes that can serve a vast audience. read more......

BLOGS · 18 April 2018
Saturday 7th of April marked World Health Day 2018. Organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) the focus was on Universal Health Care to ensure that all people and communities receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardship. It can be tempting to dismiss the initiative as irrelevant in a country like the UK, but increasing numbers of people in richer countries in Europe are spending at least 10 percent of their household budget on out-of-pocket health expenses.

NEWS · 13 March 2018
Oh My Mood welcomes Richard Tennyson as researcher. He will play a key part in the development of blended care pathways where digital solutiosn support face-to-face mental health therapies.

WHITE PAPERS · 06 February 2018
eHealth can become the best method for the delivery of education, pre-treatment, treatment, post-treatment and rehabilitation to people who are at risk of needing or who are in actual need of healthcare.

White papers
White papers