• Blended mental health care pathways

    Clinical psychologist Helen Lionarons explains why autonomy is an important aspect within the concept of positive...

  • Implementing Ehealth

    Pauline Post, Clinical Psychologist and co-founder of Oh My Mood explains how eHealth can be implemented in mental health...

  • Healthy eating and Physical exercise

    Health expert Dr Samefko Ludidi on why small improvements in healthy eating and physical exercise can make a big difference...

  • Good to meet you!!

    Oh my mood is a treatment program in which you work intensively together with your practitioner for you to get back on your feet.

    In 11 weeks you are going to work on hope, confidence, optimism and resilience. You will also learn how to better cope with setbacks, changes and stress. And you will discover how you can calm down and what can add meaning to your live. All in a personalized setting.

    The Oh my mood program starts with an extensive one on one conversation to get to know you and listen to your story. After that, you will continue with a series of one on one conversations, various workshops and exercises that you will work on independently. Completely dedicated to your needs and wants. Exactly how you can decide on together with your practitioner.

  • Lili Jung

    "In my work I see the diversity of people with the dynamics of their lives as a challenge. Oh my mood developed a care pathway in which this diversity is bundled.

Two cases of blended care in a private practice

"Two cases of blended care in a private practice" by clinical psychologist Helen Lionarons describes a two examples on how she uses e-Health in combination...