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Digital Health News published our article on Blended care: a remedy for mental health provision. 

The NHS has been pushing patients towards webcam and instant messaging (IM) appointments to ease pressure and waiting times, as a ‘potent mix’ of rising demand and cuts to the workforce provides a real challenge for NHS mental health services in England and Wales.

NHS Providers found that 80% of bosses of NHS trusts in England fear they cannot provide timely, high-quality care to the growing numbers of people seeking mental health support. It is no surprise, then, that the NHS is increasingly looking eHealth as an alternative solution.

However, since clinicians often have a minimal or no role in stand-alone eHealth initiatives, they stay in doubt about their usability and clinical effectiveness. That doesn’t mean that eHealth has no role to play in mental health care provision – but content developers, clinicians, service users and IT providers should explore other, more efficient solutions that benefit patients in the long-term.

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