At Oh My Mood we develop innovative treatments to improve care processes within the mental health care, and the mental health of our clients. Our aim is to develop valid, affordable and evidence-based mental health care programmes that can serve a vast audience.

We therefore design thorough, scientifically based mental health programmes to be implemented in all levels of mental health care, including primary care, pre- and post-treatment, relapse prevention and specialist secondary care. The health care pathways combine evidence-based therapeutic interventions with the latest digital solutions such as eHealth and videocalls.

Want to sign up? Right now we have an 2 – 3 months waiting list. Make sure that you read the information in our sign up form thoroughly: if you have insurance at Avitae, Zorg&Zekerheid or AON student Polis, your treatment will not (partially) be covered.

Our method

Oh My Mood offers a novel and non-stigmatising approach to mental health care and addresses mental health from a trans-diagnostic, holistic, cultural sensitive and multidisciplinary perspective.

This makes the treatment suitable for the treatment of a variety of diagnoses, including anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorders. 

By approaching mental health from a contextual and multidisciplinary angle the many determinants of mental health are considered.

The interventions aim to relief symptomatic distress and promote a healthy life style that can improve psychological and mental well-being in general.