We don’t have contracts with most insurance companies. This has its benefits and its downsides. One of the main benefits is that we have an relative short waiting list. 

It also enables us to better protect your privacy. The downside is that some insurances don’t completely cover your treatment. This means that you might need to pay a part of the treatment yourself. The amount of this own contribution differs per insurance company, policy, and the specific treatment you get.

Information about insurance

You can find more information about your own contribution below. This amount depends on the type of your insurance policy. You can find out what policy you have on the online environment of your insurer. Note, the type of basic insurance decides how much your insurer covers. Additional insurance packages don’t influence the amount of your own contribution.

Our rates are conform the Wmg-rates, as indicated by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA).

Click here: vergoedingenoverzicht-2023_ENG

As for 2023, we are in contract with DSW, and your treatment will be covered in total if you have an restitution polis in case of almost all insurance company’s mentioned on this overview. In some cases, depending on what kind of polis you have, treatment will not be covered 100%. The reimbursement starts around 60% for each invoice if you have an basis naturapolis at Ditzo, and 70% if you have CZ. Do keep in mind your own mandatory. Your own contribution for diagnostic will be a bit higher, as there are more practitioners involved. 

We will only invoice you the appointments that you have had. For some of our services, like e-psycholoog, you will not pay any own contribution at all.

As of 1 January 2022, the way of financing in Mental Health Care will change. The financing of healthcare will be called the Zorgprestatiemodel (Care Performance Model). This will influence the payment of your Statutory deductible (eigen risico). Read here what these changes will mean for you.  

Note: your deductible is separate from your own contribution!

Regardless of your insurance company or policy, you will have to pay your deductible (also known as “mandatory excess”, or “eigen risico” in Dutch). The deductible is at least €385 for everyone, unless you have opted for a higher deductible, or if you have already used your deductible this year. You can find the height of your deductible in the online environment of your insurance company.

Contracted insurers

The only insurance company we are contracted with in 2023 is DSW. This means that if you’re insured with DSW, you don’t have to pay an own contribution. Please be aware that you do have to pay your deductible.

Natura policy – an own contribution.
If you have a natura policy, a budget policy, or a combination policy, your insurer covers about 60 to 80% of the treatment.

This means you have to pay an own contribution for the remaining 20 to 40%. On average, this amounts to about €950. 

To have a clearer idea of how much you have to pay, you can find an overview below. take a look at this overview. Note that the exact amount of the own contribution depends on the specific treatment that you get. We only know this once your treatment is finished. Thus, we only know the exact amount of the own contribution afterwards. We calculate the own contribution based on the planned duration of each treatment appointment.

Restitution policy – no own contribution

If you have a restitution policy, your insurer covers the full treatment, regardless of whether your insurer has a contract with us. So, if you have a restitution policy, your full treatment at Oh My Mood will be covered, and you do not have to pay an own contribution. You can find an overview here of all restitution policies per insurer for 2022.

Several insurers no longer offer a restitution policy in 2023. It concerns the following policies:

  • VGZ eigen keuze
  • FBTO basisverzerkering
  • Univé eigen keuze
  • IZA eigen keuze
  • UMC eigen keuze
  • Gewoon ZEKUR vrij

Several of these policies still exist, but are a combination policy as of 2023. A combination policy does not fully reimburse uncontracted mental health care.

No-Show Rates – Sometimes you may not be able to come to an appointment due to extraordinary circumstances. If this happens, let us know in advance.

Only cancel in case of extraordinary circumstances. Do this up to 3 days in advance, so we can reschedule the reserved time for other clients. This applies to all types of appointments, so intakes, individual conversations, and workshops. You can cancel an appointment by calling or emailing the central secretariat.

If you cancel in less than 24 hours before the appointment, we unfortunately have to charge you. These costs are €100 for an intake, €50 for an individual session, and €15 for a workshop session. Please note: your insurer does not cover the no-show rates, meaning that these costs are for your own account. Your therapist will contact you to schedule a new appointment.