Financing of mental health in 2022

As of January 1st 2022, the way of financing in Mental Health Care will change. The financing of healthcare will be called the Zorgprestatiemodel (Care Performance Model).

What does the introduction of the Care Performance Model mean for you?

As of 2022, the government will change the way mental health care treatments are paid for. The biggest change is that from 2022 onwards, mental healthcare (GGZ) institutions will be able to submit monthly bills to the health insurer. Previously, this was only possible annually, or upon completion of a treatment programme. As of January, we will send you a monthly invoice (healthcare expense invoice) for the treatment, which you can submit to your healthcare insurer.

This healthcare invoice states who you had an appointment with that month, the date of the appointment and how long it lasted. This appointment can be a face-to-face conversation, a telephone/video call, but also contact via email or the client portal, or an eHealth assignment that your therapist prepares for you. We calculate the costs based on the duration of each appointment. 

So from 2022 onwards, you will have monthly insight into what has been done by which practitioner.

Closing of client files

Are you already in treatment with us, and will you continue to do so in 2022?

Due to the transition to the Care Performance Model, we will close all files for the insurers on December 31st and open a new file. You will then receive an overview and invoice of the costs up to and including December 31st. You can submit this invoice to your health insurance company. From January onwards, you will receive monthly invoices.

Change in the statutory deductible (eigen risico)

Everyone who makes use of care from the basic package pays a statutory deductible. With the introduction of the Health Care Performance Model, the statutory deductible is claimed on a monthly basis. This is already common practice for other care, such as hospital care or medication at the pharmacy, and is now also being introduced in the GGZ.

In 2022, you will no longer pay your statutory deductible in one go on completion of your treatment, but will receive a monthly invoice for the care you received.

This means that your healthcare insurer will charge you the statutory deductible from the start of your treatment. You pay this amount to the healthcare insurer and it will be set off against the amount reimbursed to you by your healthcare insurer on a monthly basis.

If you started a treatment with us in 2021 that continues into 2022, you will pay the statutory deductible in both calendar years. Of course, this is unless the maximum deductible in 2021 has already been reached by other care.

Personal contribution

Are you a client right now, and will you continue in 2022 – 2023? In that case the agreements made will continue to apply. This continues to apply up to a maximum of 1800 minutes. These agreements also apply if you pay the personal contribution in instalments. If you have a reimbursement policy, the treatment will be reimbursed in full, and you will not pay the Personal Contribution (but you will pay the statutory deductible).

Are you planning to start treatment with us in 2022? Not all healthcare insurers fully reimburse our treatment. In those cases, a personal contribution applies. Click on the button below for more information on reimbursements and the personal contribution.

More information

If you want to know more about your deductible, contact your health insurer. Your health insurer can see, for instance, how high your deductible is and how much you have already used.

If you are unable to pay your deductible amount (in one go), you can often pay for it in monthly instalments. Ask your health insurance company for the conditions. If you do not use any care or use less than the maximum deductible, the remaining amount will be refunded to you by the insurance company.

Should you have any further questions, you can reach us at or via our general number: 085 – 808 8116

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