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Oh My Mood Rotterdam

At Oh My Mood Rotterdam we offer online therapy without waitlists T: 085 – 808 8116 Mailing address: Overschiestraat 186 1062XK Amsterdam

Everyone can get to a point in life where they need mental support.

At Oh My Mood you and your therapist work together  to find a solution for the things you struggle with. Our goal is to offer you a treatment in which you are front and central. You and your psychologist form a team throughout the treatment process. We do not have a waiting list for online therapy in the Rotterdam area. We are happy to get started with you and to help you feel comfortable in your own skin again. You are eligible for reimbursement with a valid referral letter to the GGZ from your general practitioner. With your psychologist by your side, you get to work to master your mental complaints. It is a process of learning about yourself and finding new ways to cope with past, present and future challenges. You will take these lessons with you for the rest of your life. Read more about the treatment below or get started with your recovery and register with us with a referral letter from your GP.

At Oh My Mood, your recovery is the focus. This allows us to help you with many different types of complaints. The most common complaints we encounter are:


You often feel depressed and down. You notice this in negative thoughts and a loss of pleasure in your life. Whatever you are currently dealing with, we will help you to heal.


Fear or anxiety is very useful for dangerous situations, but anxiety can also rule your life. As a result, you are never really at peace. With a psychologist you can work on your fears by overcoming them step by step.


Many people suffer from stress and it can have many causes. School, work, relationships. Sometimes stress lasts for so long or it is so intense that it affects you physically and mentally. We help you to recognize your signs stress and help you recover from unhealthy stress.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can really affect your everyday life. You might have little self-confidence and consider yourself less valuable than others. Or you often have to deal with negative thoughts about yourself. A better relationship with yourself has a positive effect on the way your happiness. At Oh My Mood you work on the relationship you have with yourself.

What will you work on at Oh My Mood Rotterdam?

There are a number of fixed points that you will work on during the treatment. You will be guided by a your psychologist for each theme. These themes are all important for your recovery. They also help you to feel stronger, and to grow as a person. This gives you confidence and helps you to recover from your complaints in a positive way. Think of the following themes →


It is not surprising that you can suffer from hopelessness if you suffer from psychological complaints. However, hope plays very important role in your recovery. During the treatment you work with your psychologist to strengthen your hope. Our approach to this is unique in mental health care.


Doubt often holds people back in their recovery. Am I doing it right? Am I making the right choices? Can I really trust the people around me? Rediscover confidence in yourself and others at Oh My Mood.


Optimism also plays an important role in your recovery. Optimism is not about seeing the positives in everything at all costs. That wouldn’t be realistic. It is about realizing that even though you may feel bad right now, this won’t last forever. And about the realization that you can work towards being in a better place by dedicating yourself to your recovery.


We will also work on your resilience. Are you able to cope with life’s setbacks and stressors? Many people find this difficult. Resilience is something you can train. At Oh My Mood you work on building a toolbox, which will help you to deal with adversity.


Reducing your complaints is one important thing, but what is psychological well-being really about? Well-being has a lot to do with meaning and your values. During the treatment you will discover which things color to your life, and where your values lie. Spending your energy on things that are really important to you is the greatest source of happiness.


Work on your recovery; one step at a time

Seeking help might feel like a scary thing. Many people like to know what to expect. That is why you will find an overview of the most important steps that you go through at Oh My Mood:

1. sign up using the “sign up” button

The first step towards recovery is, of course, that we get to know you better and that you get to know us. So we like to start off with gathering some information about who you are and what you expect to find at Oh My Mood. When signed up, you will receive an invitation for the pre-intake. You will also receive our Embloom-question list. 

2. The pre-intake

The pre-intake is about your story. The goal is to get as broad a picture as possible of your current situation. We listen to your experiences, and ask questions. This enables us to set up a follow-up program that is as personal as possible.

3. Formulating a treatment plan

In the second intake interview, you and the psychologist will set-up your treatment plan. Customization is key. We offer a number of fixed components in the treatment, but there is a lot of room to add themes to your treatment plan that are important for your specific situation.

4. The treatment

After that your treatment will start. During this period you will intensively work towards your recovery using a combination of individual sessions, multiple workshops, and online modules that you can use independently. These 3 components aid you in your recovery in different ways. You will focus on several topics, such as:
  • Discovering your unique qualities
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Lifestyle and mental health
  • Meaning
All together this will take about 11 weeks. The combination of individual conversations, online assignments and multiple interactive workshops form the core of the treatment.
But in addition to these fixed components, there is of course attention for your unique needs.
It is our goal to fit your needs. That is why we now also offer additional workshops such as:

✽   Creative therapies

✽   Mindfulness

✽   Yoga

✽   Beating bad habits

Psychological care is fully or partially reimbursed from your health insurance. Please note that you need a valid referral letter from your GP to the GGZ to be eligible for reimbursement. Also take into account the statutory deductible of at least 385 euros in 2022.