You can refer patients within the GBGGZ and SGGZ who suffer from the following complaints:

  • Anxiety complaints
  • Mood complaints
  • The unipolar depressive mood disorder, mild and moderate severity
  • Somatoform problems / Physical complaints
  • Trauma (whereby individual sessions are also recommended, face-to-face, for processing-oriented treatment such as EMDR or imaginary exposure)
  • Compulsory disorders
  • Self-image problems
  • (Mild) impulse control issues
  • Problems with assertiveness
  • Life phase problems (depending on whether a diagnosis can be made).
  • Mild personality disorders (this means that it does not interfere in all areas and the client is able to function reasonably in a number of areas).
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, mild and moderate severity
  • A combination of the above images (comorbidity)

We use the following exclusion criteria:

  • Psychosis
  • Clients who want diagnostics for autism or personality disorders
  • (Severe) suicidality (incl. self-injury)
  • Addiction problems
  • Complex trauma
  • Complex personality disorders
  • Intellectual limitation or LVB problems

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