Reimbursing your invoice with your health care insurer

You were directed to this page because you have received a treatment cost invoice. You can declare the ‘Invoice for your health insurer’ at your health insurer. To save you time and effort, we put together a list of links to the declaration page of your health insurer below. This way you can quickly and easily submit the invoice to your insurer.


Unfortunately, we cannot directly claim the treatment costs with your health insurance company. Therefore, the you first need to submit the invoice to your health insurer, after which you receive the part your insurance reimburses by them on your own bank account. After submission of the invoice to your health insurance company, they will pay you within approximately 5 days. When you received the payment from your insurer, please pay your entire monthly invoice. You will receive instructions on how to do so by email.

If you have a reimbursement policy, your insurer will reimburse 100% of the treatment. If you have a natura policy, your insurer will not reimburse everything. In those cases your insurer will cover around 60 and 85% of the treatment, depending on your specific insurance policy. We ask you to pay the remaining amount yourself in the form of an own contribution.

In addition, the links below will help you to find information from your health insurer about your deductible (eigen risico), and links to declare your invoice. Most links will guide you to Dutch web-pages, as most insurers don’t provide information in English. Please use your webbrowser to translate this information. Please note: health insurers will subtract your deductible from your reimbursement. Meaning, that the amount your insurer will transfer to your bank account is almost always less due to this subtraction. Your deductible remains at your own account, meaning we do not reimburse these costs.

If you would like more information, please have a look at the information folder that we have sent you, or contact us.


Declare | Decuctible

De Friesland
Declare | Deductible

Declare | Deductible 

Declare | Deductible 

Pro Life 
Declare | Deductible

Zilveren Kruis 
Declare | Deductible 


NV Univé zorg


Declare | Deductible

Declare | Deductible

Zorgzaam Verzekerd
Declare | Deductible


CZ Declare | Deductible 

Just Declare | Eigen risico 

Nationale Nederlanden Declare | Deductible 

OHRA Declare | Deductible


IZA Declare | Deductible 


ONVZ Declare | Deductible 

Jaaah Declareren | Eigen risico 

PNO Zorg Declareren | Eigen risico 

VvAA Declareren | Eigen risico 


Anderzorg Declare | Deductible 

HEMA Declare | Deductible 

Menzis Declare | Deductible 

Zorg en Zekerheid

AZVZ Declare | Deductible

Zorg en Zekerheid Declare | Deductible


ASR Declare | Deductible

Ditzo Declareren | Eigen risico 


Salland Declareren | Eigen risico 

ZorgDirect Declareren | Eigen risico