You can register for treatment at Oh My Mood through your doctor or through our website. We currently have no waiting list.

Schedule an introduction call

To be entitled to financial reimbursement from your health care insurance provider, you will need a referral letter from your general practitioner. Thus, we encourage you to firstly see your GP, before seeing us.

During your appointment discuss the complaints that you are struggling with and inform your GP that you would like to use treatment at Oh My Mood to help you. Your GP can refer you to us through ZorgDomein, a large referral system, or write a referral letter to us.

After we’ve received your referral, you’ll receive a text from us in which we invite you to sign up for an introduction call. In this call we will tell you more about our treatment offer and what you can expect from a treatment at Oh My Mood. You can easily schedule this call online using the button below.

We do not have waiting lists, but in exceptional cases there may be a short waiting time between the intake and your 1st treatment session. Your intaker will discuss this with you if this is the case.

Register without a referral

You are welcome to register without a referral from your doctor, however, this means that you will not be entitled to any financial reimbursement from your health care insurance provider.

Once you have registered you will be contacted by our receptionist, you will be asked a few short questions about your complaints, circumstances and goals for the treatment.


An appointment will also be made for an initial interview and you will be sent a link to our screening questionnaires. We use these questionnaires so we can find out more about you as a person, your own complaints and circumstances.

This helps us to offer you more personalised treatment, targeted to your specific needs. This initial phase then ends with a discussion between you and a psychologist about what you would like to achieve in your treatment.

After this has been completed, the treatment can start.