Treatment Offer – Oh My Mood is suitable for many types of complaints in the GBGGZ and SGGZ. This is because we work in a transdiagnostic, holistic, contextual and blended manner.

At present, there is no waiting list at Oh My Mood. The only exception pertains to ADHD diagnostic and treatment, for which a waiting period of 3 to 6 months currently applies. 

Our treatment techniques come from evidence-based treatment methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology, solution-focused therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


The focus on transdiagnostic factors is the basis of our treatment. Instead of focusing on specific diagnoses, we focus on the overarching cognitive, emotional and behavioural dysregulations that occur with most mental disorders. 

This way of working is supported by the scientific evidence that mental disorders have more in common than they differ. About half of people with mental health problems suffer from more than one disorder at the same time, and in addition, mental disorders share similar symptoms with each other. 

Another benefit to transdiagnostic treatment is that it is easier to train among health professionals.

Retention to a protocol is easier for a practitioner to achieve than retention to multiple protocols. The biggest advantage of the transdiagnostic approach, however, is the focus on the strengths, growth and well-being of the patient. 

This is often not the focus in the symptom-specific approach to psychopathology. With this approach we want to prevent stigmatization of psychological complaints and reduce the extra social pressure experienced by 9 out of 10 people with psychological complaints. In addition, the transdiagnostic approach has proven effective in several situations.

Contextual approach

Health and well-being are crucial factors in human life. The experience of well-being affects not only the individual, but also the lives of someone’s loved one, and the whole of society. 

Due to the great coherence between these factors, we have opted for an approach that takes into account not only the symptomatic complaints, but the entire contextual situation of a person Health in its context is an essential part of quality mental health care. That is why in health care, it is important to pay attention to the way people experience the world and their complaints, and the way they interpret them. 

Taking a holistic and humanistic attitude is an example of this. Within this approach, attention is paid to the complex organization of human behaviour, in which physical, mental and social functioning is integrated. To date, this approach has been recommended by many, but few have been applied in practice. 

Within Oh My Mood people are seen from this contextual and holistic approach. There is also room for the physical, mental and social aspects of well-being, in which multidisciplinary work plays an important role.