What are the treatment options? In mental health care we increasingly notice that there are more similarities between different types of complaints than differences. That is why the treatment at Oh My Mood focuses on themes that are important for all types of complaints, for example:

Recognising stress
Improving self-esteem
Dealing with negative emotions
Breaking through thought patterns

Moreover, Oh My Mood focuses on developing your strengths. Focusing on your strengths appears to work well in your path to recovery. In our opinion too little attention is being paid to these in Dutch Mental Healthcare system (GGZ).

Developing your strengths includes the following themes:

Discovering positive traits
Coping with setbacks
Paying attention to what you find important in your life
The influence of your lifestyle
Improving your self-image

You will work on these themes in 11 weeks. You will do this in a variety of ways, including individual conversations with a therapist, online modules, and interactive workshops. We offer additional workshops to ensure the treatment suits your needs.