Workshop My Inner Theater

An important element in our quality of life is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is a
broad term that includes both your strengths and your weaknesses. Awareness from
both sides can help you grow and learn from your mistakes and work with others.
Self-awareness contributes to a healthier and more successful life.

This workshop is given by Basia Górecka.

The basis from which I have developed my own methodology is transpersonal psychotherapy-psychosynthesis, creative therapy with a leading role for music therapy, practical experience as a performing musician and as a therapist. The purpose of transpersonal psychotherapy is to help people expand their consciousness. In my therapeutic trajectory I refer to the methodology of integrative psychotherapy that focuses on the synthesis of different human dimensions: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the transpersonal, with the aim of realizing the increase of the potential of each individual. Creativity and beauty are important themes for me when guiding clients. Through self-examination and by making music myself, I have learned over the past forty years that every person makes a unique journey through a unique psychological landscape and that there is an artist in each of us. As a musician and therapist I would like to explore the healing effect of beauty and the associated aesthetic aspect with my clients. I find it very inspiring how the philosopher Plato put it: ‘’The aim of all teaching is to teach us to love beauty’’.

The workshop will give you more insight on six components that contribute to these

  • Your roles in your daily life;
  •  How you function or not function in the world;
  • Your habits;
  • Your behavioral and experiential patterns;
  • Your patterns from the past;
  • Voices in your head and perception patterns.

You will shape your subpersonalities, on the basis of these components. They get
their own voice, color, sound. Often they will also have a physical, emotional and
mental expression. In addition, they are also given their own importance, needs and
qualities. Getting to know these sub-personalities, leads to a process of acceptance
and change. In this way you can redesign your self-knowledge and resilience with the
aim of helping you make the right choices in life.

How can you expand your self-knowledge?
The workshop consists of a variety of knowledge areas. This is to support you in
meeting your different ‘sub-selves’. An individual consists of multiple sub-
personalities, just like you have different roles in different environments (employee,
friend, son/daughter, etc.).

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