Workshop Stress regulation

Complaints such as: a complex trauma, panic attacks or difficulties with regulating your emotions might have a big influence on your arousal level. In this workshop we are focusing on the different levels of arousal and how to influence them in time.

This workshop is given by Fransisco Beisterveld.

It is difficult for many people to regulate their arousal level. We often see people signing up to this program with whose arousal levels are too high or too low. This workshop is developed for people who are struggling with complaints about: a complex trauma, PTSS, panic attacks, troubles with regulating their emotions, bonding problems, burn-out, anxiety or AD(H)D.

The themes of each sessions are:

  1. Arousal niveaus and how can you feel this?
  2. Triggers.
  3. The effect of stress on your thoughts, behaviour, feelings and perception.
  4. Lookback on the most important parts of the workshop.

This workshop consists four sessions, divided in four weeks. You will learn about the different arousal levels and the effect on your thoughts, behaviour, feelings and perception. Besides that, you will get insights about your triggers which can lead you to a high or a low arousal level. Through different exercises, we would like to teach you to influence your arousal level. An example of the exercise is to focus on a safe spot and self-compassion.

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