Workshop Visual Arts Therapy

In this creative workshop we will focus on yourself by increasing your self-image and your self-confidence. We will work on these aspects in a creative and visual way where words will fall into the background.

This workshop is given by Jolida van der Linden.

It is difficult for many people to express their feelings. That’s why we chose in this workshop to leave the words behind and start working in a creative, visual way.

We do this through visual exercises where you will focus on yourself. The goal of this workshop is to increase your self-image and your self-confidence and put the focus back into your body. The sessions are divided in five workshops:

  1. Introduction, orientating and inventory of your self-image.
  2. Self-image and social interaction.
  3. Feeling and handling boundaries.
  4. Flexibility and control.
  5. Closure and reflection of the workshop.

The visual exercises you will do in this workshop, can lead to clear insights about your process. The exercises are divided in different themes, for example: “self-image”, “flexibility and control”, “cooperation”, “feeling and handling boundaries”.

Every session has the same set-up and will start with a warming-up which we will do as a group. After that we will start with the main assignment that is sometimes performed as group and sometimes alone.

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