Your treatment consists of the following basic workshops:

Workshop 1:  Psychological capital

Workshop 2:  Mindset

Workshop 3:  Self-compassion

Workshop 4:  Emotional balance

Workshop 5:  Resilience

Oh My Mood offer a range of holistic workshops. This page provides more information about the content of the different workshops.

Are you interested in participating in one of our workshops? Discuss it with your practitioner.

Good news! If you are not a client of Oh My Mood, most workshop are still available to follow. Check the workshop page and indicate you are interested. We are happy to inform you about possible dates and costs.

My Inner Theater

An important element in our quality of life is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is a broad term that includes both your strengths and your weaknesses. Awareness from both sides can help you grow and learn from your mistakes and work with others. Self-awareness contributes to a healthier and more successful life.

Free from Dependence

Everybody has their own coping mechanism and changing this could be challenging. In this module and workshop, you will work on your alcohol, gambling or eating behaviour, guided by one of our colleagues.